Monthly Archives: September 2012

“Allez, Allez!” the call will go up on Sunday as the Tour of Britain – including Wiggo the sideburned super-hero and the Manx Missile Cav – hits Suffolk and Norfolk. Streets will be lined and flags will be waved. The day before, us amateur enthusiasts get the chance to ride the route as well. Great idea…but poor execution. Why’s that then?

Well the route ends in Norwich. And the Challenge route starts in Yarmouth. There is a direct train from Norwich to Yarmouth. So far so good. But it appears that Greater Anglia, who took over the franchise from National Express championing change for the good, who took over from Anglia Railways championing change for the good (see the pattern?), have missed a great opportunity to offer an olive branch to the county’s cyclists by not offering transportation beyond their maximum 4 bikes per train restriction.

Surely all they need to do is pop on a freight carriage and for a fiver a time plus maybe a £1 charity donation they could have done all of us a favour and bucked up their revenue by filling a few trains on a Saturday morning. But no. Doesn’t seem that they have heard of what’s happening or they haven’t caught the Olympic fever generated by Brad or Sir Chris.

Do they know it’s happening? Has Norfolk County Council not contacted them? Do they not have a business opportunity radar? The crux of this matter appears to be a breakdown in communication. A couple of quick calls to a cyclist or two would have given them an insight about what to do. Simples.

You might say it’s easy to knock the railways but surely they go out of their way to make themselves easy to knock?