Monthly Archives: June 2014

We’ve just moved offices. Those of you who have done it recently know that it is fraught with hassle. There is so much to organise AND you find you are so dependant on the abilities and competencies of others to make it in one piece.

One of the key learnings from our move was the stark observation that bad internal communications with organisations leads directly to a very poor customer experience. Similarly, good internal communications can turn your opinions around.

So let’s start with the bad shall we? I have been introduced to an industry I never knew existed. The energy supplier registration industry. I have been plagued by numerous calls from people quite obviously in call centres like the one featured in the BBC’s series ‘The Call Centre’. Apparently they have been sent my contact details by the current supplier of energy to our new offices to say that we are a new tenant that needs to be signed up by a new supplier.

About four different companies have apparently been calling me to offer their services to get me th best deal for my electricity. No real introduction of who they are or what they do. Whether they are a broker or simply a register. So I have been giving the caller information about meters., our landlord and the type of organisation we are so that they can give me an estimate.  But I keep having to tell them that I am waiting for vital information from our landlord, two, three, four times a day!

And then I find out that at least three of the people I have been talking to are from the same company but they have no records of one of their colleagues calling me and ‘Josh’ doesn’t even know who ‘Martin’ is – he asked me for his surname!

So whether it’s systems or culturally based, their poor internal dialogue has resulted in a hi=uge waste of my time and a very unsatisfactory customer experience. What do you think of that Nev (star of The Call Centre)?

Contrast that with BT. Yes BT! OK it hasn’t been perfect with long waiting times and expensive contracts but…they turned up when they said they would, did what they said they would and followed that up with some post-event customer calls and surveys. Laura n the BT call centre was my account manager and dug me out of a couple of holes. She spoke to all three individuals who were involved in getting us connected as well as regular calls in the run up to installation and a couple of calls to check that everything went well. And she was pleasant to deal with. Well done Laura…and begrudgingly BT! It gave me a much better experience than I was expecting and has improved my perception of them as a brand.

So the lesson is when dealing customers make absolutely sure you know everything about their previous contacts and look to take the work out of their transaction by communicating accurately within your organisation whether that’s systems-based or just a good old-fashioned

phone call.