Monthly Archives: July 2014

It’s not the bite, or the initial denial that has really got my goat. No, it’s the rather pathetic and obviously choreographed admission and apology ‘published by Luis Suarez’ earlier this week for his gnashing of Italian tough guy Chiellini.

And, herein is the lesson for those of us in PR. if you do something wrong, admit it quickly, apologise and do your best to put things right.People will in the main forgive you your mistake and the news won’t linger for weeks afterwards.

Those tempted to do a ‘Suarez’ and deny it, claim unfair victimisation and milk the sympathy of stakeholders will soon find their reputation in tatters when the truth is revealed.

I cannot believe that anyone of sane mind believes that Suarez is remorseful and therefore he should not be surprised if no one ever trusts him again. But if he’d have immediately fronted the press after the match, admitted his guilt and apologised we would have moved on…probably!